Strategies and Tactics

Objective 1

1. Update website gallery and increase website traffic by 20% in 12 months.

  • Strategy 1: Use the website to keep clients and future clients informed and to post relevant and up to date content about the salon.
    • Tactic 1.1 – Update the photo gallery to have specific pages for each stylist and have at least one before and after shot posted per day.
    • Tactic 1.2 – Create a traffic counter on the website to keep track of the number of visitors to the website.
    • Tactic 1.3 – Share the website URL on Facebook and Instagram at least once every 10 posts.
    • Tactic 1.4 – Have the website information updated every month with new information, ex: new products used, updated biographies, testimonials, etc.
    • Tactic 1.5 – Create a tab on the website to allow clients and potential clients to make appointments online.
    • Tactic 1.6 – Create a tab on the website to allow clients to leave personal testimonies on their experience.

Objective 2

2. Increase Bella Via Salon’s Facebook page likes by 500 likes in 6 months.

  • Strategy 2: Use the Facebook page to interact with potential customers and clients, as well as keeping the content interesting and current.
    • Tactic 2.1 – Increase the number of posts to at least three times a week.
    • Tactic 2.2 – Include the before and after shots from the website onto the Facebook page in their own album.
    • Tactic 2.3 – Respond to reviews on the Facebook page at least once a week to create customer interaction.
    • Tactic 2.4 – Host contests on the Facebook page with the prizes being discounts on a haircut/color or a free product. Ex. Encourage customers to post their new hairstyle onto the Facebook page and the one with the most likes after a certain amount of time receives a free bottle of hairspray.

Objective 3

3. Create an Instagram account and increase followers to 1500 in 12 months.

  • Strategy 3: Create an Instagram account that focuses on the targeted demographic and to spread the word about the salon.
    • Tactic 3.1 – Post 20 pictures to start the Instagram account, ex. photos of the stylists, logo picture, etc.
    • Tactic 3.2 – Post at least five photos a week, specifically of client’s hair.
    • Tactic 3.3 – Create a specific hashtag for the salon to increase customer engagement. Add the hashtag to the salon brochure, website, and Facebook page.
    • Tactic 3.4 – Post a photo a week with a specific hashtag to show off different hair designs and tutorials.
    • Tactic 3.5 – Cross post the Instagram pictures to the Facebook account.
    • Tactic 3.6 – Create an Instagram link on the website under the “Follow Us” section.

Building Buzz

Hair Tutorials

When I am on social media, I know that one thing that tends to always catch my eye are videos of hair tutorials. Whether it’s learning how to do a new type of braid or watching a new technique for hair coloring, I always click on it and want to learn. This would be one good way of building buzz for Bella Via. They are always on the “up and up” about the new trends for hair and this would be a good way to get people to see just how talented the stylists are. These tutorials would be able to appeal to the younger generation because we enjoy trying new things and if we can learn it in under 2 minutes, that’s even better.


Clicking on listicles is a fairly popular thing on social media nowadays. Something just appeals to the human mind to find out the 6 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne. A listicle is another good way for Bella Via to create some buzz. 10 New Awesome Ways to Style Your Natural Hair. 6 Ways To Take the Frizz Out of Your Hair. 8 Different Hairstyles For Second-Day Hair. Different listicles like these would definitely appeal to the target audience. The intention span of our generation has drastically decreased, so if we can learn what hair color is good for what season in list form that takes 1 minute to read, we will definitely be more inclined to read.


Contests and giveaways would be a great way for Bella Via Salon to create buzz. Using the different social media sites in the Social Media Plan, Bella Via could start different contests or giveaways for each month. For example, the 50th customer that comes in for an appointment every month can win $10 off their service. Or the salon could have a picture contest on Instagram and Facebook. Clients could post pictures of their new hair after leaving the salon and the one that receives the most likes can win a free haircut, or something along those lines. FREE is definitely an appealing word, especially in an area of interest that requires a decent amount of money. Not only would Bella Via create more buzz about their small salon, but they could also grow their clientele with these giveaways.

Target Audience & Video Idea

Target Audience

Bella Via Salon has a primary demographic of women between 25-34 years of age with an income between $40,000-$80,000 annually. These women work full-time jobs, but do not have children, so they have more freedom with the extra income. This social media campaign will try to stay within that demographic. The salon is very upscale and has very experienced stylists that are up to date on most hair techniques that are popular. Because of this, this campaign needs to try to target women who are looking for a salon that provides them with the newest trends, but can afford the higher price tag that Bella Via has.

Video Production Guide

AH – Angie Hindy

MG – Maggie Green

C1 – Client 1

C2 – Client 2

Video Audio
1. Camera pans around the studio, showing AH and MG working on C1 and C2, respectively. AH: Maggie Green and myself started Bella Via Salon last year. It was always my dream to open my own salon and being able to accomplish it with someone I consider a dear friend is even better than I imagined.
2. Camera zooms in on AH, who is balayaging C1’s hair, a technique that has become very popular. MG: One thing that Angie and I pride ourselves on is keeping up with the new techniques that are out there. Our stylists and us attend conventions across the country to stay on top of the new hair trends.
3. MG takes C2 over to the chair after washing the client’s hair C2: I have been coming to Bella Via for the past year and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Everyone here is so nice and Maggie always does a fantastic job. My hair always feels shiny and healthy when I leave the salon.
4. Camera pans around AH as she dries C1’s hair. C1: Angie always knows what I want when I come in. She has an eye for what would look good on me and I trust her when she has any ideas. I never leave Bella Via disappointed.
5. Camera pans to C2 getting her eyebrows waxed. MG: Here at Bella Via, we not only do the “normal” when it comes to hair, but we also do more intricate things, such as extensions and prescription color. Our stylists are also trained in facial waxing.
6. Camera pans to the mirror, showing C1 and C2 checking out their new hairstyles. AH: Our goal is to always make sure that the customer leaves happier than when they first walked through our doors.
7. Camera zooms in on Bella Via’s logo and shows contact information AH and MG: Come see us!

Bella Via Salon

Opportunity Pitch

Bella Via Salon opened in November 2013, with stylists Angie Hindy and Maggie Green leading the way (Facebook, 2013). Next to Merle Norman in Marietta, Hindy and Green, along with Haley Lang and Anna Augenstein, provide a memorable experience for every client by offering the latest trends and performing them with technical perfection (Bella Via, 2014).

As it stands, it would appear that Bella Via Salon does not have a set social media plan. A strong and solid plan would benefit the salon immensely because they are very small and are in a small community, so they rely on the people within that community for most of their business. It would also be a good idea to get the social media plan up and running since the business is still fairly new, so the plan can grow along with it. Bella Via has their own website as of 2014 and a Facebook that they use very sporadically. Being able to reach the female demographic of the area would greatly increase their business.

Social Media Assessment

Website: Bella Via Salon

Screenshot (12)The website for Bella Via Salon is definitely the highlight of their online presence. The homepage contains images of the stylists and the salon, a small introduction, and an area that shows the product they use, Redken and Olaplex. The tabs at the top are very user friendly, with the services section and the contact section being a top priority when it comes to salon websites. The website also contains a gallery with some before and after pictures, but it doesn’t seem to be updated. Their is also a section that names the stylists in the salon and their training background. This is nice for people who are looking for a new salon to try out and would like some information about the stylists experience. The website also contains a link for their Facebook page, but their are no other social media sites listed.

Facebook: Bella Via Salon

Screenshot (13)Facebook is the only other social media network that the salon seems to be using, but it is not on a consistent basis. Currently, the Bella Via Salon page has 791 likes and 66 reviews, with a 4.9 out of 5 average rating. There have only been two posts in the month of September, and the last one before that was way back in the month of May. Most posts are about a new Redken product that the salon carries or a new excursion that the stylists are on. It seems that there was more posting last year before the salon’s website was finished. Everything from announcements about products, early closures or technical difficulties, and holiday greetings were posted in 2014. In 2015, the amount of posts on the Facebook page have decreased dramatically.

When it comes to the reviews, there is definitely a mixture of content. Most of the reviews that have actual feedback beyond just giving it a star rating are from over a year ago. The salon Facebook page does always “like” the review, but there is never an actual comment on the review itself.

Screenshot (14)Screenshot (15)

Instagram: Nonexistent

After searching through Instagram, including follower generated content, there does not seem to be much of an Instagram following at all for Bella Via Salon. This salon would do very well with creating an Instagram account and promoting what they do through pictures. When you look at famous stylists, for example Guy Tang, they love taking pictures of their work. It’s like a piece of art that they created and want to show off. Having an Instagram allows them to do that, as well as show just how talented they are in their very competitive field. Bella Via Salon is still up and coming in the community, but by posting what they do with their clients’ hair on Instagram with their own hashtag, the salon can reach the younger, female demographic.

Social Media Objectives

1. Update website gallery and increase website traffic by 20% in 12 months.

2. Increase Bella Via Salon’s Facebook page likes by 500 likes in 6 months.

3. Create an Instagram account and increase followers to 1500 in 12 months.

Hard News vs. Entertainment…Twitter vs. Blog

Hard News Story

School bus flips, kills 2 students in Houston


A Houston school bus flew and flipped, killing 2 students in the process…hope everyone is okay! #HoustonNews


Houston school bus flies over overpass, killing 2 students.

Entertainment News Story

The Bachelor’s Ashley Salter is Engaged


Crazy Ashley is engaged and I can’t even get a right swipe. #nomorerosesforher


Ashley “Talks to Birds” Salter is engaged to her college sweetheart. How sweet.

Anonymous and Internet Privacy


The concept of Anonymous is one that I don’t entirely understand.

According to Wikipedia, Anonymous is “a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities.”

Anonymous is not a who, but a what. There is no leader. There isn’t a group of people that all meet every week in Guy Fawkes masks and decide who’s world they are going to mess with at that moment. They aren’t a “they” at all. It’s a movement.

The Start

swastika_poolsclosed_otu_img2Originally beginning on 4chan, Anonymous did everything for fun, I guess you could say. Users signed up for Habbo, a virtual reality game, and created avatars of a black man wearing a black suit with a large afro and would block the entrance to the pool. Using internet slang and making swastika formations, Anonymous was in the movement of pissing people off.

The Turning Point

picture-28Hal Turner was a radio-show host and blogger by day and a neo-nazi, FBI informant by night. Turner “put his penis in the hornets nest” by posting prank callers phone numbers on 4chan. Anonymous responded in many different ways, including overloading his bandwidth, which required Turner to pay a substantial amount of money for the extra usage. Through the hacking, it was discovered that Turner was a FBI informant, supplying information about right-wing groups to federal agents. This showed that Anonymous could use their powers for something even bigger than pranking.

Project Chanology 

ProjectchanologyIn 2008, Anonymous decided to campaign against the Church of Scientology after the church continuously tried to remove the Tom Cruise Scientology video from the Internet. Anonymous released three videos to Scientology, basically declaring war against the church. In the video “Call to Action,” Anonymous called for protests outside Church of Scientology centers across the world. In order to keep their identities private, members of Anonymous wore Guy Fawkes masks, coming from the movie V for Vendetta. These masks have become a popular symbol for Anonymous. Through this project, Anonymous showed that it had a voice. Many people thought only 20-30 people would show up to these protests, but hundreds of people showed up to each Center across the world. Anonymous was much bigger than anyone realized.

Anonymous has continued to make its presence known throughout the world. If there is any situation in which Anonymous feels the need to intervene in, it does. Whether it be for a fun prank or to stand up for something they believe in, Anonymous shows up.


When it comes to internet privacy, it really comes down to what you decide to put online. If you don’t want something to be known, don’t put it on the internet. It’s that simple. As much as we would like to think that if we enhance our privacy settings that nothing would get out, no one ever really knows what anyone can see. So, just keep whatever your don’t want to get out to yourself.

Live Tweeting and Oversharing

Live Tweeting – America’s Next Top Model

antmcycle22I decided to live tweet during one of my favorite shows of the week, ANTM. I used three different hashtags, #ANTM #ANTMCycle22 and #jour117, on every tweet throughout the show. I also used different ones for different contestants that I would tweet about as well. Live tweeting during a television show is definitely hard work. It takes serious focus to be able to pay attention to what is on the screen and be able to tweet at the same time. I think if I continued to live tweet during some of the other shows I watch, I could definitely get better at it.

Screenshot (8) Screenshot (9) Screenshot (12) Screenshot (13) Screenshot (14)


image1 image2 image3I decided to share almost every major event of my day with my mom. It was definitely a weird thing for her and I because I live with her, so over half of the time that I was texting her what I was doing, she was either sitting next to me or in a different room in the house. When I first started texting her, she was definitely confused with why I was sending her every detail of my day. As the day progressed, I decided to send her texts of stuff we were talking about in my classes. My favorite text from the day was when I told her what Torrie Jackson taught us about Amazon being based on a series of algorithms. My mom apparently thought I was drunk. Thanks mom. The experiment was definitely an interesting one. Because I live with my mom, it made the oversharing conversation much more awkward since she was in the same house as me. It was hard at the beginning of the experiment because I am not used to texting my mom. I think this experiment taught me that I already share pretty much every detail with my mother. I just don’t text it to her throughout the day, I have a conversation with her when I’m home. Our relationship is much more than texts on a screen. It’s nice to be able to say that I have much more than a cyber relationship with my mom.


Ariana Grande vs. Rick Santorum

Miss Ariana Grande

Screenshot (1)  I chose to look into the social media life of Ariana Grande for a couple of different reasons. As you can see, she has a lot of followers on Twitter and posts quite often. After looking through her Twitter feed, I have learned that she uses her Twitter to communicate with her fans and to help promote her brand. Throughout her feed, she responds to fans tweets and comments, always talks about her concerts, and constantly shares her Instagram pictures. Grande also promotes her brand as an artist as well as others in her field. For example, she has been tweeting recently about the show Scream Queens, which Grande stars in, and has been tweeting to different cast members as well. She also helps get the word out about her brother, Frankie Grande. He starred in last season’s Big Brother and will be in a new show called Worst Post Ever. Ariana has been tweeting about her brother and his new show for the past few days.

“I’m so thankful for the Internet because actors and singers and performers now have a way to connect with their fans on a very personal level, which I think is quite special.” — Ariana Grande

Screenshot (3)As I mentioned earlier, another social media platform that Ariana Grande uses a lot is Instagram. As a follower myself, Grande tends to post anywhere from 2-6 photos a day. Although she posts plenty of selfies, Grande also posts pictures with her fans, her family, and her team. Every picture that she posts on her Instagram also gets posted to her Twitter account, so even if a fan doesn’t have one platform of social media, they can see what she posts on the other.

Mr. Rick Santorum

Screenshot (5)Rick Santorum is an attorney and a Republican Party politician, finishing second to Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential nomination. He is also running in the 2016 presidential election. Santorum uses all of the main social media platforms to keep voters informed about his presidential campaign.  Although Santorum uses Screenshot (4)Instagram and Facebook, Twitter is his platform of choice. Most of the content across the three social networks are the same, with Twitter having just a few more posts than the others. All of the content is about Santorum’s presidential campaign and Screenshot (2)his Road to 99 Counties in Iowa. Rick Santorum does not respond back to people who tweet or comment on his social media platforms. Spread throughout Santorum’s social media are also pictures and videos of his family, specifically his daughter Isabella. Bella was born with a serious genetic disorder and Santorum has documented her progress on his social media, giving voters a look inside Santorum’s personal life.

After looking over both Ariana Grande and Rick Santorum’s social media, there are definite differences in how both people use them. Grande posts anything and everything, from selfies to pictures with her fans and writes about just as much. She loves interacting with her fans and promoting not only her brand, but anything else she loves as well. Rick Santorum is on the other side of the platform. He uses all of his social media platforms in order to keep his supporters updated on his presidential campaign. Even though he does give the people a slight view into his personal life, Santorum does not respond to any tweets or comments posted on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

When it comes to this social media fight, Grande takes the win.

Screenshot (6)